Hearing Is Fragile

As we get older we may start to experience hearing loss. This is because our ears, like our eyes, wear out. The more we interact with the modern era, with our TV, our mobile phones, our concerts, flight travel the quicker they wear out.

One of the first things you may experience before the hearing loss is tinnitus.

Protecting your ears is essential because most of the damage can not be fixed. One of the best ways to do this is wearing noise attenuating ear plugs. Noise attenuating ear plugs are plugs that take away the loudness of the sound but not the clarity of the words.

ACS hearing protection are custom made plugs with the ability to chose the strength of the filter.

Another way is understanding what level of sound exposure is safe. Knowing how long you can stay exposed to a level of loudness. Increasing the level by 3dB, doubles the loudness level and halves the amount of time you can safely stay in that noise level.

Please contact me if you would like more information on the custom plugs and noise exposure safety levels.