Hearing Aids

i am ear offers a range of services for Hearing Aids. i am ear is a independent hearing aid dispenser, which means you will get the hearing aid best suited to your hearing loss, lifestyle and budget.

Amplification Package

As well as suppling the hearing aid(s) best suited to your individual situation, i am ear will provide exceptional levels of ongoing support and aftercare to ensure you continue to get the maximum benefit from your hearing aids in the future.

A 2-Year aftercare plan comes as standard and is included in the price of the hearing aids. The aftercare plan includes 6-monthly checks and annual re-assessments.

Hearing Aid Reprogramming

Unfortunately many people purchase hearing aids which are not correctly set up for the specific needs of the individual. i am ear is happy to take on your hearing aid care. There is a cost for each appointment unless you take out one of i am ear‘s Annual Hearing Aid Care Package.

Annual Hearing Aid Care Package

With the Hearing Aid Care Package i am ear offers up to 8 appointments for the fine tuning of your hearing aid(s) over a year. (This is not suitable for patients who have more complicated hearing issues, such as tinnitus, hyperacusis, misophonia, who require a much more intensive care package).

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