Changing Habits

Probably the most common obstacle in the retraining process is the client coming back and not doing their tailor made homework. Their excuses are but not limited to ‘they do not have the time’, ‘do not think that they can do/think differently’, ‘can not visualise themselves having relief from their symptoms’ , ‘what to do if they have to go somewhere that might trigger their symptoms?

WOOP is a great science-based mental strategy to help them realise that they have a plan of what to do if an obstacle come up.

It’s not just have a plan to do something but a plan so in detail that it allows you to  get through situations automatic without having to recruit much willpower. So  when you are in a situation the obstacles may get your attention automatically  you already know what to do. It’s useful to do it when you come across an activity that is overwhelming you.

W: Think about your WISH (visualisation):

O: Think about the best OUTCOME

O: Think about potential OBSTACLES

P: Think about your If/Then PLAN

Gabriele Oettingen, the developer of WOOP has created a website with all the information you need to help you change your bad habits into good habits.