I have normal hearing but still struggle in background noise, is there any thing that can help?

A lot be people struggle to hear in background noise, even if they have normal hearing. This is because hearing is not the only thing affecting how well you can listen. The amount of back ground noise, how fast the speaker is speaking, more than one person talking all affect how well you can hear.

There is a online training program that can help retrain your ears and it is called LACE.

Listening And Communication Enhancement (LACE): is an interactive, adaptive programme designed for home or clinic use. LACE helps develop listening and communication skills and strategies to improve speech understanding in challenging situations such as: noisy environments, rapid talkers, competing voices. It comprises of 11 x thirty minute sessions that need to be completed within 14 days. You can try a demo before you purchase. the cost is $149 or approximately £107.

Because LACE is a HIPAA compliant training program, for a small extra fee you can ask me to visit lacelistening.com/professional to request access to your scoring data. We can then go through it together so you understand what the results mean. Please note that this step is optional.